Designit Open Inspiration - Österreich-Premiere

Trusting Invisibility – Building trust into what we can't see:
Bei der ersten "Designit Open Inspiration" in Wien drehte sich alles um das Thema Vertrauen und seine zentrale Rolle bei der digitalen Transformation.

Designit – die globale Design- und Innovationsagentur – und cellent arbeiten künftig am Standort Wien noch enger zusammen. Auftakt war die erste "Designit Open Inspiration" in Wien am 21. Mai 2019 – ein branchenübergreifendes Community-Event, das diesmal der aktuellen Frage nachging: Wie schafft man Vertrauen in digitale Systeme? 

Rund 50 Gäste – UX Experten, Innovation und Transformation Manager, CIOs und Designer – folgten der Einladung zu dem inspirierenden Abend mit Impulsvorträgen, Snacks, Getränken und Musik.


  • Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence
    Georg Fischer, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, SAP Österreich
    Artificial Intelligence will be an enabler for innovation, productivity, and economic growth. Just like other disruptive technologies, AI raises public concerns, but its success in Europe will depend on a broad social acceptance. In this talk, Georg Fischer will build a bridge between the economic and societal AI benefits on the one hand and the ethical aspects on the other.
  • Siliconized – Ready to open your mind?
    Markus Lochner, Head of Group Digital Solutions, Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI)
    There is a lot of talk about trust when it comes to innovation. Do customers trust our brand? Do employees trust our leadership? Do you trust in yourself to have what it takes in the digital area? Join Markus Lochner on a trip to Silicon Valley and see how you can get engaged and understand how to learn from one of the top tech places in the world: Silicon Valley.
  • What is AI for designers?
    Mauro Rego, Service Design Director, Designit Vienna
    Artificial Intelligence is a promise to expand and redefine our conception of how products and services will reshape our lives. The utopic scenarios that we speculate in sci-fi and advertising are not there, and yet, it is defining the way we are designing the solutions. In this talk, Mauro Rego will present a point-of-view on how designers should understand AI and how it could be used to design good services

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